Student council prepares for Sno Daze

Changes made to potentially improve turnout


Claire Bargman

Seniors and Student Council co-presidents Anna Wert and Anna Nicholls discuss Sno Daze plans with adviser Sarah Lindenburg. Student Council is in charge of organizing Sno Daze week activities and decorating for the dance.

Sam Swisher

Before the upcoming Sno Daze dance Feb. 22, Student Council adviser Sarah Lindenberg said allowing students to choose music will help raise attendance.

“The seniors (on Student Council) decided on having a couple of senior students create a playlist and be able to DJ the event to hopefully draw more students, since they know who the DJ is,” Lindenberg said. 

According to junior and council member Michael Boxley-Harmon, the participation for the dance is higher than usual because it will be many people’s first time attending. 

“The turnouts are going to be really good, and the freshmen and other people who haven’t gone are going to be really into it,” Boxley-Harmon said. “Overall, all grades are going to be really interested in the dance and what it has to offer.”

Boxley-Harmon said the change in location is expected to improve the turnout this year.

“It will be better from last year because last year it was at the middle school and a lot of people didn’t want to go,” Boxley-Harmon said. “Since it’s at the high school it’s just going to be better and it’s going to have a much larger turnout.”

According to sophomore Sydney Prince, the theme of the dance is Sweethearts because the dance is close to Valentine’s Day. 

“The dance theme is going to be Sweethearts, so everything will be red and focused on Valentine’s day since it falls on the same week as the dance. We thought it would be cute to tie it in with that,” Prince said.

Lindenberg said she likes Sno Daze because it happens during a time of the year where it is very boring outside. 

“I enjoy Sno Daze because it comes at a time where it seems to be sort of a drag time of year in Minnesota with some dreary days,” Lindenberg said. “It just helps people get more energized in the middle of the winter, which can be taxing on people mentally.”

According to Prince, the Student Council is going to do the best they can to make it a good dance but they need students to participate and give song suggestions.

“We’re going to try to make the dance as fun as possible for the students, but we need their help with picking songs and showing up to make it a good time,” Prince said.

According to Boxley-Harmon, school events give people the chance to come together, which is special since Park does not have many non-academic events.

“School dances help bring the school together because you don’t really see a lot of people be together since there are only a couple events like Homecoming and Prom,” Boxley-Harmon said. “It’s just fun seeing everyone come together because it’s just a big community thing.”