Spanish club brings community together

Bonding over fun Latin-American Games


Abby Meisler

Spanish teacher Hanna Anderson talks to club members during a Spanish Club meeting Feb. 17. The club meets every third Thursday and hosts a variety of activities.

Noah Leventhal and Alex Geretz

At the Spanish club meeting Feb. 17, the Park community was brought together by playing Latin-American games. Teacher Hanna Anderson led the club in a session of “Cien Mexicanos”, a Spanish adaptation of the popular game Family Feud, where students learn more about Mexican culture and connect it to their own lives. 

It’s super fun learning about more of the Latin-American culture that we don’t get to reach in regular Spanish class.

— Keira Trill

Junior Keira Trill said she loves how immersed in Spanish culture she is when she plays games like “Cien Mexicanos.”

“It’s super fun learning about more of the Latin-American culture that we don’t get to reach in regular Spanish class,” Trill said. “We’ve been playing culturally Latin-American games like Cien Mexicanos, which is like a different Latin American version of Family Feud.”

Anderson said that Spanish club in particular is special because it allows students from different levels of Spanish meet each other and bond over the language.

“Spanish club is an opportunity for students to enjoy and use the language,” Anderson said, “to learn about Spanish culture outside of the classroom and meet students from different Spanish classes and at different levels.”

Junior Isaac Israel said that the club varies its activities, ranging from dancing to current events.

“We do different things,” Israel said. “We danced and also played lots of games. We also talked about [Latin-American] current events and different [Spanish] traditions.”

Anderson recalled the Spanish club’s inception and noted the tremendous collaborative effort between Spanish teachers it takes to keep running.

“This year the Spanish teachers got together,” Anderson said. “ We took the initiative to make [Spanish club] happen even after COVID. We all collaborate in different ways, so I feel a weight lifted off of me because it is a collaborative effort with all the Spanish teachers. Unlike other clubs, it is a big collaborative effort to make every activity fun.”

Spanish club meets every third Thursday of the month in room B235 from 3:15 – 4:15 p.m.