House introduces two articles of impeachment

Congress takes next step in impeachment process


Samantha Klepfer

A majority of the impeachment inquiry is taking place at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

Talia Lissauer

In a speech announcing she has instructed the House of Representatives to begin drafting articles of impeachment, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said the investigation into the President Donald Trump’s call with Ukraine has exposed impeachable offences, according to the New York Times.

The president abused his power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of our national security by withholding military aid and crucial Oval Office meeting in exchange for an announcement of an investigation into his political rival,” Pelosi said.

The articles of impeachment lay out the exact descriptions of crime the president or any high office holder is being accused of. The articles then have to be voted on by the full House to officially impeach the president.

In a press conference Dec. 10, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerrold Nadler said the Judiciary Committee has drafted two articles of impeachment, one for abuse of presidential power and one for obstruction of Congress.

“Over the last several months, the investigative committees of the House have been engaged in an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s efforts to solicit foreign interference in the 2020 elections – efforts that compromised our national security and threatened the integrity of our elections. Throughout this inquiry, he has attempted to conceal the evidence from Congress and from the American people,” Nadler said.  

The full House is expected to vote on both articles of impeachment before Christmas.