Impeachment trial ends

President Donald Trump Acquitted

Talia Lissauer

Fifteen days after the Senate trial for President Donald Trump on the charges of obstruction of Congress and abuse of power began, Trump was officially acquitted from both charges. The trial took place in two weeks because the Senate voted not to allow any new evidence or witnesses

Trump was impeached by the House Dec. 10 and then the Senate voted to Acquit Feb. 5.

A simple majority was needed to acquit while a two-thirds majority was needed to remove Trump from office. Article 1 failed 52-48 with only one Senator breaking party lines while Article 2 failed 53-47.

Trump’s acquittal comes the day after giving his third State of the Union address. In his address, he talked about the positive work the Trump administration has done and will continue to do. Following the address, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tore up a copy of the President’s speech.