Free ACT opportunity offered for juniors

School takes action to prepare for college gatekeeper test

According to junior counselor Laura King, the ACT is crucial for college preparation.

“The ACT is a college entrance exam. You may hear of the ACT or the SAT. They’re both honored by every university or college in the country,” King said. “The ACT takes about 3.5 hours and it assesses math, English, science and reading. The ACT also has an optional writing component. ”

King said the school offers free practice tests and preparation for the ACT.

“We offer a free ACT prep program here at school. For second semester, it’s on Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:30. It’s in B225,” King said. “It’s a computer program that you’re going to be introduced to and have access to. Students can come in on a ‘drop in basis,’ but once they get their login information they can work from home or anywhere they have internet access.”

Math teachers have implemented ACT preparation into their curriculum in order to help students gain an edge in preparing for the ACT math section.

Math teacher Erik Ahlquist said he feels the teachers are obligated to help the junior class with preparation for such an important test.

“I felt like if we don’t do something to help prepare kids for the ACT directly, we are doing them a disservice,” Ahlquist said. “I think our curriculum generally aligns with the ACT, but I think that there’s a whole other level of taking a standardized test that you have to prepare kids for. The type of questions, the format of the test, the overall strategies, dealing with a scantron, etc.”

Junior Abdi Ali said he sees his testing ability improve the more he prepares for the ACT.

“I’ve made progress. I have another practice test this weekend and throughout the weeks during practicing.” Ali said.

All juniors are already pre-registered and will have the opportunity to take a free ACT Feb. 28 during the school day.