Oriole Study Nest opens

Resource provides learning opportunities


Ayelet Prottas

Junior Tommy Hiemenz studies in the Orioles Nest Nov. 20. The Orioles Nest is open all day during school hours and provides a space for students to work productively away from their homes.

Talia Lissauer

As an additional resource during distance learning, Park has opened the Oriole Study Nest as a place where students can participate in school in-person Monday-Friday. Assistant principal Jessica Busse said the nest is open to all students, not just those that are struggling. 

“We’re offering a big area as a space for students to work in and not necessarily to get help, although, there are lots of resources there to help, but more as a space to work from,” Busse said. 

Junior Murphy Fries said she enjoys the nice and quiet space the study nest offers where she can be productive and get help if needed.

“It is a nice way to have a study hall except still getting your work done and they have teachers accessible for you to get help,” Fries said.

Sophomore Megan Herkenhoff said she decided to go to the Oriole Study Nest for a change of scenery and because she enjoys being in a school setting. 

“I think you can be more productive at school and getting missing assignments in when you are productive is good,” Herkenhoff said.

Because COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise, students are only welcomed if they are adhering to safety precautions, according to Busse.

“It is a privilege and while it’s open to everybody, it’s a privilege to be here and not everybody has to be here and if you can’t follow the rules, you don’t get to be here,” Busse said.

In keeping with COVID-19 precautions, there is a limit on the number of people that can be in the cafeteria. If students outnumber the limit, Park will utilize other spaces around the school, according to Interim Principal Wendy Loberg.

“It’s brand new, but we hope it’ll grow. We can’t get too many (students) of course. We can’t have a thousand kids here but I don’t anticipate that we will right away but it will spread around, we have a whole building to spread people out,” Loberg said. “But kids can’t mess around if they come and just are goofing off, out they go.”

Herkenhoff said she felt comfortable at the study nest with all the precautions being taken.

“I feel safe here because there (are) not that many people and we are all spread out and wearing masks,” Herkenhoff said.

The oriole study nest is open to all students Monday-Friday. If students would like to go, they can sign up on the student support time app and if they need transportation, they can fill out this form