Sno Daze preview

School pride highlighted in week of festivities


Ava Ashby

Senior Jade Shionoya and Zaid Yusuf celebrate coronation Sept. 29. Similar to Homecoming, Sno Daze events are planned in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

Andrea Melear and Tobias Khabie

After senior Student Council President Sadie Yarosh planned the events of Sno Daze week, she said despite the adjustments made to comply with COVID-19 guidelines, it is still important to highlight and strengthen the community at Park.

“It’s important that we still keep up school spirit, even when it looks a little different,” Yarosh said. “It’s going to be a great way to get the freshmen to get to know our school. It’s really important that we still have these events and they’re still available for people to attend.” 

Sno Daze week will start Feb. 22 and will consist of different events daily. For more information visit @slpstudentcouncil_ on Instagram.