SOAR panel enriches community, creates conversation

Members of Students Organized for Anti-Racism are having a panel to respond to anonymous student questions about race.

Within this panel the SOAR members will answer questions anonymously submitted without any form of censorship and attempt at keeping comfort.

The ECHO editorial board encourages student and staff attendance and supports the idea of an uncensored open discussion. A discussion surrounding race is much needed and appreciated within the school.

This is also a rare opportunity to get true, explicit opinions from students who face racial struggles as a part of their everyday lives, without the need to ask them directly. This event is at an opportune time as seniors are ending their highschool careers and might not get the chance to hear such opinions from such a close source ever again.

The SOAR panel will be an open space for people of every background to see how students respond to these questions and gain an insight on their fellow students lives and perspectives. The ECHO editorial believes students and staff members should attend with an open mind and invite others as they see fit. In addition, those attending need to take the event seriously and give the panel the respect it deserves.

SOAR will be hosting this panel 3:45-5 P.M. Tuesday May 22, at Park High School in room C350.