Park Connections brings many benefits

Switch from advisory proves favorable

Tenzin Gyaldatsang

With the implementation of Park Connections, a class designed for Park PRIDE, comes a time to wind down and relax.

The shift in focus from advisory to the rebranded Park Connections has made a significant impact. The 30-minute time frame has been heavily concentrated into a support class rather than a college and career readiness course. This modification has made the class more relaxed and easy-going.

Because of the major adjustments made to the curriculum during this pandemic, it is very convenient to have time to get help, whether that be for personal guidance and support or for content related to classes.

For myself, having a time during the day where I can regroup and collect my thoughts is essential and Park Connections is the perfect time to do so. 

The class dynamic is less work-oriented and more of a social setting where students can communicate amongst each other, which is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted during a pandemic.

An issue that many students have brought forth is that Park Connections meets every school day, which can be difficult to attend, as many students are working on assignments from classes around that period of time. Even though this can be irritating for some students, having a class centered around support shouldn’t be overlooked and is a luxury to have.

In Park Connections, we have days like Mindfulness Monday and Wellness Wednesday, which are times to reflect on specific topics, like organization and motivation. By creating a place to talk about these topics, it fosters a sense of community that wasn’t there previously with advisory.

Overall, the decision to switch from advisory to Park Connections was for the better as it allows for more socialization and support.