Staff Editorial: Adjusting schedule not necessary

All classes synchronous poses risks


Jacob Khabie

Art teacher Angela Jacob talks to a student during an asynchronous class Feb. 23. The Echo Editorial Board is in favor of keeping Park’s current schedule and believes switching to a fully synchronous schedule would be unhelpful to students.

With students returning to hybrid learning, some students, parents and staff have questioned the current schedule and whether it could be changed. While a change could benefit the people in hybrid a little bit, it would likely be detrimental to the students in distance learning.

Making all classes synchronous would give students in distance learning too much screen time. Doing three to four classes a day is already tiring enough. Doing seven classes and homework, as well as any other activities would be far too much screen time. This would likely lead to fatigue which could decrease productivity in students.

Another downside to an all synchronous schedule is it would put a lot of stress on students since they no longer have the asynchronous periods to do work. This would affect students especially in classes with a lot of homework who would now have to take more time out of their day to do assignments rather than getting them done during the school day.

There are some substantial benefits for the students in hybrid, however. Since those in school are already there the entire day, it would be nice to have extra classes to learn more material and have social interactions with teachers and other students. Teachers could also use these times to do things other than lectures, while the distance students get homework and the asynchronous class period to do it.

The Echo Editorial Board believes Park students should voice their opinions to the administrators and consult parents who are against the current schedule.

While changing the current schedule has its benefits, it would be more beneficial to use asynchronous times to work with students in-person and give students in distance learning a break from screens or extra work time.