Leo Dworsky creates ‘Music Mondays’ videos

Senior uploads music lessons


Used with permission by Leo Dworsky

Jordyn Deschamps

Throughout the pandemic, senior Leo Dworsky has been sharing “Music Mondays” to his YouTube channel so that everyone can watch.  At first, Dworsky said he decided to do it for the kids that attend his synagogue to give them some activities to do, but then later found his own enjoyment while creating the videos.

“Originally I did it through my synagogue as a way to help with kids’ engagement during the pandemic and to give them some activities to do, but as I continued, it became more of a hobby and I just enjoy it,” Dworsky said.

Dworsky said he understands that watching music is not something that people might not be that interested in, so he said he likes to keep it simple yet still educational.

“We all know that watching music isn’t what people are most interested in, but basically what it is I teach simple music theory,” Dworsky said.

Junior Caroline Butler, who has watched a couple of Dworsky videos, said she enjoys watching them.

“I really liked his singing voice and his tone is really good. You can tell that he really enjoys singing,” Butler said.

Dworsky said he hopes to give kids more confidence with their singing and to teach them more about music theory.

“Ultimately, I want kids to have more confidence and know that they can learn anything if they set their mind to it,” Dworsky said.

Butler said she thinks that people can learn a lot from Dworsky’s videos, including different technical aspects of singing.

“If you wanted to watch it to learn how and see someone else sing, you can look at all the technical things, like the way he breathes or his mouth placement. I feel like if you are not a singer it is more for enjoyment,” Butler said.

Though the creating processes can be challenging, Dworsky said he has figured out that writing out his script ahead of time helps in getting the ideas across. 

“I plan it right beforehand and I have a script full of bullet points that help me as I film my video, and I edit all of my videos, so if there (are) any points that I lied or I don’t know what I am doing, then I would edit it out,” Dworsky said. “ I just try to keep it really engaging so people would want to watch ‘em — as it develops I make it more fun.”

Dworsky said he loves music and hopes that he can share it with others and spread it around the community. 

“I just like the fact that I can share my love of music with other people and YouTube is an amazing platform. I also enjoy that I can see other people’s reactions when they watch them, and that my videos are actually making a difference in people’s lives,” Dworsky said.