Junior shares passion through performing

Victoria Contreras plays guitar, sings


Ruby Stillman

Junior Victoria Contreras plays guitar and sings during worship at Edebrook Church March 20. Contreras performs”Amazing Grace” along with two other songs for her youth group every few Wednesdays.

Emma Leff

What do you perform at your church?

I sing and play the acoustic guitar.

When did you start playing the guitar and how did you learn?

I started playing the acoustic guitar when I was in middle school. I started taking guitar lessons, and over time I just self-taught myself.

Do you sing alone or in a choir?

It is not a choir. We have like two other people singing.

What kind of songs do you sing?

We sing contemporary Christian songs, like worships songs. It’s not like hymns or anything.

Why did you start performing at your church?

It all started on a mission trip, and some of my friends and I — we played a few songs for the mission trip, and then it just kind of became an idea, and then people wanted to make that a consistent thing, so then we got a band together.

When did you start performing?

Freshman year.

How do you prepare for a performance?

We just meet up Mondays for practices, and we go over the set list. We pick out the songs that we want to perform, and then we just practice them. We fix whatever needs to be fixed.

How often do you perform?

We perform once or twice a month.

What is your favorite part about performing?

Just being able to work in a team and learning how to be a cohesive group

What is the hardest part about performing?

Making sure we are all on top of our own tasks and making sure we are all responsible — just making sure all of the things get done so we can perform and be successful.

Do you prefer singing or playing instruments?

Playing the guitar because there are many ways to kind of learn, and it’s just more enjoyable for me.

What have you learned from your experience performing?

I have learned how to work in teams and just be a team member.

How has performing at your church impacted your life?

It has been a good experience because I kind of get to grow musically and that is just something I don’t really learn in a classroom. So I think it is really cool to do something else that is different.