Senior Will Pinney leads fundraiser for breast cancer

Hockey player uses skills to make a difference


Kaia Myers

Senior Will Pinney blocks a shot on goal during a shooting drill at practice Sept. 23. For every shot Pinney blocks during his hockey games, he raises money to help women dealing with breast cancer.

Sofie Geretz

What is the October Saves fundraiser?

“October Saves is a charity for breast cancer that hockey goalies from all over can be a part of. Goalies create an account on the October Saves website where people can donate. The goalie’s job is to count the amount of saves they get throughout October and try to match the money they raise with the amount of saves they get.”


When did October Saves begin?

“Donations start in October, and (people) can donate directly to the organization if they want to, (or) they can find (a goalie’s personal) account and donate.”


What compelled you to get involved in October Saves?

“I have a lot of family that dealt with breast cancer, so I really wanted to help make a difference.”


How did you become a leader for October Saves?

“I told (the organizer) a little bit about myself; where I play, my connections in Minnesota and (how I would) be a good fit.”


What exactly do you do for October Saves?

“I try to recruit other goalies to sign up and be aware of October Saves so they understand (and) can also help Breast Cancer Awareness by donating.”


What is the most challenging part about being involved in October Saves?

“The most challenging part would have to be trying to get goalies to register. In order for me to reach out to goalies, I have to find hockey clubs and search for the coaches’ contact information. After I find the contact information I have to send (them) an email asking to have their goalies register for October Saves. It’s definitely challenging, but thankfully I have people around the state helping me with that, so I’m thankful for them.”


What strengths do you have that help contribute to October Saves?

“A strength that helps me with October Saves is my work ethic. I am a hard worker when it comes to things I enjoy doing. For me, it’s a privilege being the captain of October Saves for the state, but I also feel because of my work ethic the state will succeed from the amount of goalies and clubs I have reached out to.”


What is your favorite part about being involved in October Saves?

“My favorite part about October Saves is being able to help those who are suffering with breast cancer. It’s the best feeling ever being able to help someone in need and October Saves is one of the best things in the hockey world to be a part of for helping (others).”


What advice would you give to other hockey players considering becoming involved in October Saves?

“I would tell them that there are only positives in being involved with October Saves. It doesn’t cost anything and all goalies have to do is count their saves and get people to donate. With all the money being raised it is going to help save lives and help women who are dealing with breast cancer.”