Junior commits to prestigious academy

Sam Hunt to play baseball at IMG Academy second semester


Used with permission from Sam Hunt. Junior Sam Hunt plays in an examination game, part of the 17 USA National Team program. Hunt has committed to Vanderbilt Unversity and will play baseball at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida starting in 2020.

Gabriel Kaplan

What exactly is the IMG Academy?

It’s a sports academy in Bradenton, Florida for top athletes. It’s basically just a normal high school. We live on campus, there are dorms and then (they provide) some of the best training facilities in the country.

How long will you be there for?

I know for sure I’m going to be there for a semester, I’m not sure after that.

What comes next after the academy? 

I’m still trying to figure that out. It definitely (will prepare) me to go to college a lot more, and overall (will) better prepare me for what comes next year, and we’ll see what that is.

What is the balance between sports and academics like?

It’s basically half and half. So half the day is going to be going to class like a normal kid, taking AP courses, and then the other half is going to be practice and games.

What are you looking forward to at the school?

I’m looking forward to the overall team. They have a great program and (it’s) a new beginning to see what it’s like.

Does the academy just focus on baseball, or other sports too?

There are eight other sports.

How did you get into the academy? 

I did have to apply to the academy but a scholarship was figured out.