Junior gets accepted into the Minnesota All State Jazz Band

Isaiah Klepfer accepted for second year in a row


Aidan Shafton

How does it feel to be accepted into the Minnesota All State Jazz Band? 

It feels great, this is my second time being accepted and it feels just as good as the first time. Last year I only made it into the concert and not the band, but this year I made it into both which feels awesome. It’s just a nice payoff to all the work I’ve been putting in throughout the last year.

What inspired you to start playing the saxophone?

In fifth grade I was put in front of a bunch of instruments and was told to pick one to play. I heard the saxophone in some songs I liked and I thought it sounded cool so I picked the saxophone.

What was the audition process like in order to get accepted?

The audition process was pretty tough, I had to do a two hour recording for two judges. Since I had already been through the process last year I was more used to it this time so that made it a little easier.

Is there anyone that has helped you succeed throughout this journey?

Yes, my dad has been super supportive and paid for my lessons. My private  teacher Scott has helped me improve my skills a lot throughout the last year so shout out to Scott.

What would you say to an underclassmen who aspires to be in the Minnesota All State Jazz Band at some point?

There’s definitely going to be some points where you are going to want to quit, but I promise you it isn’t worth it to quit. The payoff to all the work you put in is definitely worth it in the end.