New art teacher paints a future with Park

Stephanie Herbst looks forward to working with students

Aidan Shafton

When did you start becoming interested in art?

I started getting into art when I was in high school. People tell me that it was even younger than that but that’s the earliest that I remember being into art. I started ceramics class in high school, which I had never done and I really ended up loving it — I just got into all the arts.

What is your favorite type of art and why?

My favorite type of art is printmaking, which we actually don’t do here at the school. It is really cool because you get to carve into things like wood and metal, and then make an image from that. 

What made you want to start teaching art? 

I’ve always liked working with students. They are super fun, interesting and goofy, and I really enjoy that. Those traits match up with my personality. I thought it made sense to combine the two things that I really love, art and working with kids.

What have you liked most about Park so far?

What I’ve liked most about Park so far is how my students are happy and it seems like they are always having fun and having a good time.

What are you most looking forward to as a teacher here?

I’m looking forward to building relationships with students over a longer period of time.