Sewing up a storm

Freshman seamstress shares her enthusiasm

Hannah Bernstein

Zoe Weinmann made her first hand-sewn doll clothes when she was in fourth grade, and started using a machine to make her own clothing in eighth. Now, she considers it a career option and a life passion.

Weinmann described the process she typically uses to make her clothing. Her first step is usually planning out the project in a notebook.

“A lot of things I do [sketch out] just so I can get the ideas in and not forget what I’m about to do,” Weinmann said.

The next step, she said, is to find or make a pattern and get fabric that will work for the project. Then, she cuts out each piece and finally gets to put it together.

“It takes a lot of work but usually it’s worth it in the end,” Weinmann said.

Weinmann also said not every project comes out perfect and sometimes she has to fix it or scrap it altogether.

“There’s a lot of times I mess up and I either have to take a seam out or start over if it’s not fitting right or something else went wrong,” Weinmann said.

Weinmann said she loves sewing because she has the freedom to make and do what she wants.

“There’s not really rules when it comes to making stuff that’s made for you,” Weinmann said. “You get to do your own thing.”

Weinmann talked about the pieces she likes the best, including a chiffon dress and a powder blue shirt with a special collar. She also made a patch for a shirt that says “I love to speak French” in French.

Weinmann said she would consider a career in clothing design because she likes being able to show off her skills and ideas.

“I get to show people how talented I really am and that I can do a lot more than people may think,” Weinmann said.

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