Freshman relaxes through art

Painting passes her time

Adah Koivula

20160422_160640When freshman Ilsa Olsen sat down last summer at the Edina Art Center to begin her watercolor of purple flowers, little did she know what this piece would mean to her.

The piece was also her most challenging work, according to Olsen.

“There were some points when I was painting the purple flowers where the flowers jus
t didn’t look right to me and I didn’t like them but I kept going and trying new things and they turned out how I wanted them to,” Olsen said.

Sarah Ferguson, Olsen’s mother, said starting in elementary school, Olsen expressed an interest in art.

“Like all kids she liked to draw and paint, but it was the interest in design and beauty that was the first inclination of her interest and skills,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson said she has supported Olsen through all of her artistic endeavors.

“I can’t think of a birthday or Christmas that Ilsa did not
receive paints, paper, markers or pens for creating,” Ferguson said. “We have also fostered (her art) by encouraging her to try new things without fear of failure.”

Olsen said art is a lifelong pleasure that helps her relieve stress while taking difficult classes.

“It relaxes me and makes me feel happy. I can put my creativity on something you can see and get my ideas through art. There’s something about it that I enjoy,” Olsen said.

Ferguson said she hopes Olsen can incorporate art into her life in the future.

“She has a great gift that also brings her joy,” Ferguson said.

Olsen takes AP classes and has a busy schedule but said she always makes time for art.

“I do (art) when I can,” Olsen said. “I won’t pursue this as a career but probably as a hobby for the rest of my life.”