Singer pursues career in music

Sophomore makes impact through singing

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Singer pursues career in music

Sophmore Leo Dworsky practices one on one with his choir teacher Mr. Myszkowski.

Sophmore Leo Dworsky practices one on one with his choir teacher Mr. Myszkowski.

Claire Bargman

Sophmore Leo Dworsky practices one on one with his choir teacher Mr. Myszkowski.

Claire Bargman

Claire Bargman

Sophmore Leo Dworsky practices one on one with his choir teacher Mr. Myszkowski.

Noah Orloff

As sophomore singer Leo Dworsky performs, he said his favorite parts of singing are developing relationships with others as well as improving his own vocal technique.

“I love connecting with other people, but I don’t just do it for others. I do it for myself to better myself,” Dworsky said. “I started singing at about nine. Singing is something that I’ve always loved, and I’m hoping that I can pursue it and do great things in our world.”

Sophomore, and fellow singer, Ari Braverman said Dworsky has been an inspiration for him.

“He’s always been amazing. I’ve always looked up to him,” Braverman said. “I learned from him.”

According to Dworsky, he sings in multiple elite choirs, including Park Singers.

“I sing in three choirs,” Dworsky said. “I sing in the most elite choir here at the high school, I sing in Park Singers. I also sing at MacPhail Center for Music’s choir — it’s called Prelude — and it’s their most elite high school choir, and then I also sing in the Beth El Synagogue choir and that’s mostly adults.”

Dworsky said his future ambitions including attending university and starting his own business.

“I have a lot of goals. My goal is to go to Juilliard, which is the most prestigious musical college, and I am hoping to get a degree in vocal performance and music education,” Dworsky said. “My goal with that is to start a business which helps children with music because currently I am teaching voice.”

According to Dworsky, he recently was hired for a paying music job, where he currently has one student.

“I teach under a studio called A Kopp Music and they have all different types of lessons for all different kinds of instruments,” Dworsky said. “I’m their first tenor voice teacher now.”

Choir director John Myszkowski said Dworsky has recently become more mindful of the whole choir’s harmony.

“Leo is much more aware of the group dynamic,” Myszkowski said. “He is a strong solo singer but he has shown himself to be even more of a team player this year.”

According to Braverman, Dworsky has improved throughout the time they have worked together.

“I’ve been singing with Leo for three and a half years,” Braverman said. “He’s changed a lot for the better. He’s great.”

Sophomore Carly Joseph, who has been singing with Dworsky since first grade, said his vocals have advanced over time.

“Everyone’s voice matures as they get older — you can see it with everyone who sings — but Leo’s has gotten more full sounding as he’s gotten older,” Joseph said.

According to Dworsky, he not only competes, but will also perform, in many concerts in the near future.

“I don’t just do competitions, I do a lot of performances,” Dworsky said. “I have a lot of winter concerts coming up in the next couple weeks, and I am just trying to stay active.”

Myszkowski said a key component to the growth of Dworksy’s abilities has been discovering his personal sound, rather than singing like his teachers.

“I think the biggest thing for Leo is that kind of balancing, kind of the team aspect of singing in a choir, and blending and matching and then also finding his own individual voice,” Myszkowski said. “I think this year especially he’s showing progress in becoming his own voice.”

Dworsky said he enjoyed performing for the Fraser Annual Benefit Oct. 27, which assists people with special needs.

“I sang at the Hilton Hotel for a big benefit which helps children with disabilities and special needs,” Dworsky said. “It was just one of the most amazing moments.”

According to Myszkowski, Dworsky brings many different skills to the table, contributing to his success.

“He’s got a really strong tenor voice. He’s got great pitch memory. Really great rhythmic accuracy and he’s super sensitive to dynamics,” Myszkowski said. “So, everything you could want.”

Dworsky said he plays piano in addition to his singing, where he enjoys many different genres of music.

“Piano is my main instrument. In the concerts, I do the keyboard,” Dworsky said. “I love classical and opera. Those are my favorite types, but I also like to sing pop, too.”

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