Student council raises breast cancer awareness

Club connects to the community with fundraiser


Ruby Stillman

Sophmores Ian Otos and Shayla Miller collect breast cancer donation from sophmore Nebyu Bekele.

Emma Yarger and Amaia Barajas

According to student council adviser Sarah Lindenberg, the students organized a fundraiser on Wednesday Oct. 25 to raise money for the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Lindenberg said the student council members want to raise money and awareness for causes like breast cancer because many of their fellow peers know those that are affected by this disease.

“The student council members decided they wanted to do more with charity work and (raise) awareness around certain issues that affect students and they came up with the breast cancer awareness.” Lindenberg said.

Council member junior Chuck Evans said that student council members promoted pink clothing to help raise breast cancer awareness.

“All of the student council members are encouraging the school to wear pink today. We’re taking donations,” Evans said. “I think it’s going to bring attention towards (breast cancer).”

Senior Ian Mcintyre said that he disagrees with the foundation that the money is supporting.

“I think it’s a good thing to spread awareness however the way we are doing it, funding it as a school, I don’t agree with (because) I don’t agree with Susan G Komen. That corporation to me is very dirty,” Mcintyre said.

Mcintyre says he appreciates how much attention the event brought to the disease because it has affected his family.

“I think it’s important because it’s one of the most prevalent cancers in our society today,” Mcintyre said. “My mom actually just got diagnosed last year and went through all of the surgeries. She’s recovering now and she will go into a lot of the treatments so it’s very close to my heart.”

Sophomore Sophia Seewald said she aappreciates the support for members of the community.

“I have family friends who have had breast cancer in the past and they are really strong people so I think it’s good to (support) them.” Seewald said.

According to Lindenberg the Student Council wanted to create an event in October because this month is dedicated to supporting breast cancer. Student council also wants to continue to create events that connects the students and the community.

“(Student Council) had this in mind because it is breast cancer awareness month (they wanted) to do something before the month runs out in honor of people who have been affected by (breast cancer). Just getting more awareness and student involvement in causes that affect other students.” Lindenberg said.