New app changes standards of exercise

Time no longer is a barrier when working out

Andy Magill

Shoshi Leviton

Although it is suggested by the American Heart Association that it takes 30 minutes to complete a full workout, a new app has revolutionized that thought. According to the Health and Science Fitness Journal it only takes seven minutes to complete an effective workout.

By rotating through 12 different exercises that can be done at home only using a wall and a chair, these exercises combine the intensity of going on a long run and lifting weights all in seven minutes.

Boys’ and girls’ swim coach Joe Yaeger has never used the app or done the workouts himself, but he is familiar with the concept and believes it can be successful with the right lifestyle.

“High intensity, quick workouts can be effective with a diet high in protein and nutrients. It is also important to keep track of what you are doing and progress through them,” Yaeger said. “Don’t do the same exercises over and over again, incorporate new ones into your routine.”

Junior Toviya Slager participates in cross country and track and is used to doing hour long exercises. However, he has found himself drawn to the seven minute workout and believes it’s effective.

“If you do a lot of repetitive movements like lunges and jumping jacks without breaks you definitely feel like you just worked out for an hour even though it has only been seven minutes,” Slager said.

Although people find the workout effective there is still some hesitation about the concept of  condensing a whole workout in seven minutes. Freshman Sophie Yarosh is among those who question the reliability of the workout.

“I don’t think you’d be as tired or get as much out of it as you would from working out for an hour,” Yarosh said.