Meet the Athlete: Lucas Tangelson


Roberto Alvarez

Sophmore Lucas Tangelson competes in the mile race during the boys’ track meet at Armstrong April 14. Tangelson finished with a time of 4:51.

Roberto Alvarez

Why do you run track? 

I run track because I really wanted to find a spring sport, and in track and field there are a lot of different things to do. I’m not going to do baseball, because it’s kind of lame, and I’m not going to do ultimate frisbee because it’s just not my thing. But my main sport is soccer and I want to get quicker at it, so track would help me get faster.

What goals do you hope to achieve this track season? 

My main goals are to improve as much as I can this season because I want to get better for my senior year and later years. Maybe at some point I’ll have the chance to make it to state or win competitions. That’s my main goal: to improve as much as I can.

In which ways do you think the track is a welcoming community? 

Track is a welcoming community. Everyone’s super friendly, everyone’s nice to each other or everyone just makes fun of everybody in a good way. There’s also just no judgment from anybody. Everyone accepts each other for who they are and are respected by other teammates. 

Why do you think people should join track?  

People should join track because there’s a variety of different events you can do or try. There’s always something that someone can do on track. You can expand your choices. 

What motivates you to run?  

The thing that motivates me the most is to be better than my brother who also runs in track. I also want to get faster for soccer. I just want to be a speedy guy. Knowing all the benefits that track can have on my physical abilities makes me want to be a better runner because of that.

How do you think your running has progressed over the years at Park?

Since last year, I’ve gotten a lot better. Last year was my first year doing track and field and I’ve already improved my form a lot and I just got quicker — that’s how track helped me out.