Meet The Athlete: Geiber Silva Gonzalez

Venezuelan sophomore shows promise at Park baseball


Abby Meisler

Junior Geiber Silva Gonzalez catches for Park May 2. Park won against Waconia 13-3.

Sarah Peterson


How long have you been playing baseball?

I’ve played since I was eight years old.  

How is baseball different in Venezuela than in Minnesota?

There is very little difference, they are basically the same. The only difference is in Venezuela it isn’t cold and here the cold prevents us from training on the baseball field.

How has your experience been like playing baseball at Park?

My experience has been very good, my friends have supported me a lot and they are all very good with me. In the game against Chaska, we all played well and batted well. It was my best game yet, because I felt very good with myself, and I could do the work how it’s supposed to be done. 

What is your favorite part of playing baseball?

My favorite part is everything, enjoying the game the most I can. (I like it) when I’m up to bat and when I’m on defense too.

How has your experience been connecting and making friends with the other players on the team?

It has been very good. Sometimes I will say a word in Spanish and they will try to say it too, so it is good. 

What are the problems you face while you play?

The hardest part for me is when I have to catch. But now that I know how to do it, it makes it a little easier for me. I don’t have any problems with being different, in the way I don’t speak English. I have teammates who make the effort and try to speak Spanish with me. 

Who do you look up to in baseball and why?

I admire Miguel Cabrera for the accomplishments he has achieved and for what a good player he is.  

This interview was conducted in Spanish and then translated. If you would like to view the Spanish transcripts, please use the link below: