Senior commits to Milwaukee School of Engineering

Kyle Hedblom prepares for future playing lacrosse


Grace Farley

Senior captain Kyle Hedblom works on passes at lacrosse tryouts April 4. The team started practice April 2.

Sofia Seewald and Isabel Kjaer

According to the boys’ lacrosse varsity head coach Chris Bixby, senior Kyle Hedblom’s recent commitment to play lacrosse at the Milwaukee School of Engineering will give Hedblom a well-deserved opportunity.

“I think it’s just something that’s he’s going to be super excited for and he’s worked really hard for, and it’s going to be a really positive experience, especially on the lacrosse field and for the lacrosse team,” Bixby said.

Hedblom said he looks forward to experiencing what college lacrosse has to offer, particularly the academics and the amicable environment.

“The lacrosse staff and team were extremely friendly and accepting, and the school’s academics are really well renowned and prepare you for life after college,” Hedblom said. “I’m really looking forward to the new opportunity and being able to have more freedom and grow as a person.”

Bixby said Hedblom’s commitment will instill pride in the team for each individual’s future accomplishments.
“I think the team will hopefully see it as something they can be proud of also,” Bixby said. “Obviously, it’s something that’s exciting for everyone to see the team get into colleges and universities and places they want to go.”
According to Hedblom, the lacrosse team is always supportive of each other and college commitments will not interfere with their upcoming season performance.
“The lacrosse team is a great community of guys, and we all help each other out, and we constantly want to see each other get better and grow as people,” Hedblom said. “Even though a few of us have committed, it doesn’t affect the team because the St. Louis Park team will always come first.”

Bixby said Hedblom is an instinctive leader, which proves beneficial when it comes to improving the team’s skills and morale.
“As a player and a captain, I think he’s a natural leader in the sense that he puts everyone before him, which I think is super admirable,” Bixby said. “He’s always encouraging, teaching and pushing (his teammates).”

According to Bixby, Hedblom has utilized the opportunity to help younger players gain more experience by participating in community work.

“Kyle has been able to take a little of the responsibility and a little bit of the structure from the team and apply it to some of the volunteering (we do) at the youth level and just pushes everyone to really find the best in themselves,” Bixby said.

Hedblom said his commitment will motivate him to develop his skills further this season.

“I think my commitment will affect the upcoming season because now that I know I am playing college lacrosse, I want to constantly be bettering myself and I think I’ll be training more outside of practice,” Hedblom said.