Snow delays track

Team recently ventures outside


Grace Farley

Senior Donovan Hill practices with his fellow track teammates by walking over hurdles before running. The recent snowstorm April 11 caused the team to again be indoors.

David Bryant and Hayley Westwood

Freshman Renee McSherry said because of the April snow, pole vaulting practice is only allowed limited amounts of time indoors as they can’t practice outside and other sports also occupy the gym.

“I pole vault so we are normally inside, but they were expecting us to be outside by now, so now we can’t be inside for as long because softball and baseball come in,” McSherry said.

Senior David Benjamin said some areas of track have to push through and others have to hold back.

“Snow effects certain events more than others, distance sometimes has to tough it out but for events such as sprinting you don’t want to run indoors too much as it can lead to shin splints,” Benjamin said.

McSherry said because of the conflict the team meets on Saturdays for extra practice time to prepare for meets.

“We were expected to be outside this time of year. We meet on Saturdays,” McSherry said.

Boys’ track head coach Kelson Mackenzie said the bad weather has been only a minor setback to the track team season.

“Snow hasn’t affected practice too much, we just had to cancel last Wednesdays meet and then practice on Thursday,” Mackenzie said.

Benjamin said the whole team is grinding to improve and work toward conference.

“It’s the point in the season where everyone is trying to improve their strengths and refine it and work past maintaining their skill,” Benjamin said.  

Mackenzie said the team works though the snow to the best of its ability as everyone in the state has the same problem.

“(Snow) makes things a little less entertaining than spring but for the most part we get through it as everyone is dealing with the same thing around the state,” Mackenzie said.

Park’s track team will compete at a Varsity invitational at 3 p.m April 18 at Robbinsdale Armstrong High School.