Synchro holds Dress Rehearsal

Yonit Krebs and Sam St. Clair

According to assistant coach Carolyn Guddal, synchro holds a dress rehearsal to prepare for the final competitions of the season.

“The purpose of dress rehearsal is to give a practice run before we compete at Sections and State,” Guddal said. “Because the locker room area at the high school is under construction, we relocated to the Bloomington middle school, which is the same pool that Sections will be in, so it’s a great opportunity for us to practice with the suits, with the gel, with the headpieces and the makeup, how it will be at Sections.”

Guddal said the dress rehearsal gives the swimmers the opportunity to display the work that they have put into the sport throughout the season.

“The swimmers practice multiple times a day, every day of the week, so it’s really obvious the amount of work they’ve put in this season,” Guddal said. “We have a lot of younger swimmers this year and so it’s just been really great to see how much they’ve improved in just the last three months. They are obviously all very hard workers and it definitely shows in their swims.”