Girls’ golf player heads into second round of Sections

Sophomore Izzy Segal optimistic about going to State


Ruby Stillman

Sophomore Izzy Segal watches her ball after she hits it May 2 at Theodore Wirth Golf Course. Segal was the only girls’ golf player to make Sections this year.

With hopeful State prospects, sophomore Izzy Segal said she anticipates playing to the best of her ability at Sections.

“I’m looking forward to playing and putting around at the course again. I know the course well (and) I played the last three years at Sections and am looking forward to hopefully playing well like last year, and actually go to State this year,” Segal said.

According to Jones, Segal is likely to break into the top five in Sections and advance to State.

“Izzy is in seventh place overall after day one of Sections. She is currently sitting in a very good position to possibly advance (to State),” Jones said.

Over the past three years, senior captain Rachel Salzer said she believes Segal has worked hard to accomplish her goals and is one of the best players on girls’ golf.

“To me every year she has always been the standout on our team. She usually plays the number one spot, so she is always playing the best of the best from the other schools, and she usually does very well,” Salzer said.

According to coach Kevin Jones, this year Segal has grown into a strong athlete with a competitive drive.

“Izzy has matured both mentally and physically this year,” Jones said. “She is practicing with more purpose and intent. I believe her competitiveness has also gotten stronger. It’s very fun watching her compete.”

Segal said she has been focusing on her chipping and is hopeful it will pay off at Sections.

“I’ve been practicing a lot. I’m going to practice before I go play and I think I’m ready,” Segal said. “Lately chipping is probably the worst part of my golf game. I’ve really been practicing hitting balls from 100 yards away.”

According to Segal, she appreciates the encouragement she has received from her teammates and coaches.

“My coaches are coming (to Sections) and a few girls from the team are coming and everyone has been really supportive telling me I’m going to go to State and trying to make me confident,” Segal said. “My coach said in the rules (to go to Sections) you need to shoot under 100 and be ready for a challenge.”

Salzer said Segal has brought a lot to the team since the beginning of her golf career.

“She’s just her own person and she has funny jokes we all appreciate,” Salzer said. “Skill-wise, she’s a vital person on our team to keep her score low so that our team score as a whole is low.”

Segal said her goal is to make it to State and she is confident she will be able to without the mistakes from Sections last year.

“Last year I should have gone to State. I got a 12 on a hole and a two stroke penalty and still missed by two shots, so it makes me realize that if I don’t get a 12 and that two stroke penalty, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to go to State,” Segal said. “All year I’ve been focusing on these next few days of golf because I know I can go to State and it’s really all I’ve been trying to do for the past two months.”

The second round of Sections will be at 11:30 a.m. June 3 at Ridges at Sand Creek.