Synchro ends competition season

Summer swimming offered


Juniors Annie Breyak and Ella Hammerstrand hold up their pinky fingers during the song “24K Magic” in their Bruno Mars duet during a routine meet against Bloomington, May 3.

Yonit Krebs and Sam St. Clair

After celebrating its success at State, Park’s synchro team looks to the next season and preparing through summer programs, according to sophomore Maya Lee.

“In the summer you can do the strength and conditioning program, summer synchro through the high school or summer synchro through Aquafins, which is a club, or you can just do all of them. So you can just kind of pick and choose what you do,” Lee said.

According to assistant coach Jessica Gust, the high school program only lasts for a certain part of the summer.

“During the waiver period, which is until the end of July, we’ll have our team-specific summer synchro and Aquafins is obviously whoever wants to sign up,” Gust said.

According to junior Annie Breyak, she conditions throughout the summer on her own.

“I go to a fitness center called Williston and I just do drills with myself, or I go with my friends and we just do synchro,” Breyak said.

Breyak said although the team struggled with staying on top of their work during the season, by the end the team succeeded.

“I think (the season) was really good. We were a little bit behind in the middle of the season because we didn’t have our routines done, but everyone stayed after everyday and worked really hard and by the time of state, we were all put together,” Breyak said.

Breyak said she will be sad to miss the two seniors who will be leaving the team.

“They’re like two of my best friends, so I’m going to miss them a lot. But I know we have the whole summer together still,” Breyak said.