Synchro begins season by selecting captains

Three seniors chosen to lead team


Ben Sanford

Junior Bella Steward practices the butterfly stroke March 12. This was the first sychro practice held since the new team captains had been announced March 11.

Talia Lissauer

Inspired by the relationships she had formed with previous captains, senior Mia Miller said she was overjoyed when she was chosen to be a synchro captain for the 2020 season.

“I wanted to be captain because I love synchro. I love the people who were leaders before me, they really changed the way I looked at synchro so I wanted to do that for someone and be a positive influence,” Miller said. “I’ve wanted to be captain ever since I started synchro, I did feel like anyone would have been a really good captain this year.”

For the last couple of years, synchro has chosen their captains at the beginning of the season for two main reasons, according to coach Linda Gust.

“One thing it eliminates is drama at the banquet. The banquet is a celebration of (the) season and it ends up not being that way,” Gust said. “The other thing is we give other seniors the opportunity to all work together and do things in preparation for the season. There aren’t that many things that captains need to do between the end of the season and the beginning of the season.” 

According to junior Bella Steward, Waiting until the beginning of the season to select captains allowed her to get to know each senior as a leader.

“I think it gave me more time to prepare,” Steward said. “I know everyone but (because) they (knew they) could be in a leadership role, they stepped it up so I’m glad I got to see that.”

Although there are many pros and cons to choosing captains at the beginning versus the end of the season, Miller said she would have preferred to pick captains at the end of the season to relieve stress.

“There are good and bad things for doing it at the beginning,” Miller said. “The new girls get to know us a little bit better, but also it’s stressful to not know who it is and have to plan our captain’s practices with just the seniors.”

Every non-senior was able to vote for three seniors they wanted to be captain, according to Steward.

I love the people who were leaders before me, they really changed the way I looked at synchro so I wanted to do that for someone and be a positive influence,”

— Mia Miller

“They each wrote a little biography about them with the prepared questions, so we each went around them the day before we picked captains,” Steward said.

At the beginning of the season, the seniors interested can apply to be captain by creating a bio, which is given to all the seniors the day before they vote, according to Gust. The seniors then decide how they want to receive the results, this year they chose email.

“We do it now where basically it’s a team event,” Gust said. “It gives those the opportunity (to) process before they have to be with everyone else. I don’t think that necessarily has to be some big celebration. It’s an honor for the captains and their parents.”

The synchro team will have its first meet against Prior Lake 4:30 March 17 at Park.