Getting in sync

Synchronized swimming season starts


Modesty Manion

Senior Rachel Katzovitz practices the ‘ballet leg’ move March 7. The girls’ synchronized swimmers perform drills to prepare for the season ahead.

Taylor Voigt and Ena Mekic

The Park girls’ synchronized swimming team had its first practice of the 2023 season on March 6. At the practice, the members introduced themselves to each other, did warm ups and practiced hand movements.

Head coach Carolyn Guddal said the team learns together so they can all reach their full potential.

“For the swimmers, it’s important to be able to show up and make sure we’re working as hard as we can in the front part of the season,” Guddal said. “That way, by the time we get to our more heavy competitions, we feel like we’ve done all the work we need to feel successful.”

Senior captain Leila Campbell said the team has adjusted elements of their preparation to improve their performance compared to previous seasons.

“The plans for the season this year is we’re switching up our practices a little bit to accommodate overworking versus underworking,” Campbell said. “Changing the practice schedule will make the team and this season even better than the last one. We also have a new assistant coach this season and I’m really excited about that. She’ll bring a lot to our team.” 

Junior Avery Courneya, a new addition to the team, said she hopes getting back into synchro will allow her to connect with new people.

“I’m excited to meet new people and make new friends this season,” Courneya said. “Synchro is a great way to get out there and interact with people and grades that you might normally not.” 

Campbell said she loves how effortlessly the team bonds. 

“It’s really easy to connect with team members because we’re always together,” Campbell said. “We get ready in the morning together, we have pasta parties and we always hang out. I really don’t have to put any effort into organizing team bonding.”

Guddal said there’s still time for students to join synchro, and that it’s still possible to be very successful even for those just starting.

“We will take people up through the end of the second week, so March 18th,” Guddal said. “Anyone is welcome to join, no previous synchro experience necessary, besides being able to swim across the pool while still feeling safe. Being in this sport for almost two-thirds of my life, I’ve seen swimmers from every entry point be able to reach a potential that they never would have thought possible. Seeing the trajectory of each individual, while it is unique to them, it’s still really profound to be able to see what they’re capable of.”

For students interested in synchro, you can still email the team at [email protected] by March 18 to get started.