Boys’ tennis serves up success

Park wins final match before sections

Layla Mickelson and Maya Nieves

Boys’ tennis faced off against Minneapolis South May 15. Park battled hard during their final match before sections and came out with a 5-2 win. 

According to head coach Greg Holmbeck, the matches were not all smooth, but ended with a win. 

“It was a roller coaster of matches but it was a good win in the end,” Holmbeck said. 

Sophomore Josh Fink said he’s ready for sections after some light prep. 

“Getting a good night’s sleep tonight, practicing a little bit at my house and then making sure I’m mentally prepared,” Fink said.

Sophomore Thomas Halverson said the more he focuses on the upcoming section match, the more prepared he will be. 

“Think about playing as much as I can,” Halverson said. “Just getting outside and hitting, focusing on my sleep and mentally and physically preparing.”

Fink said he has fought big battles showing he is ready for sections. 

We’re playing better and better and we want to be playing our best.

— Greg Holmbeck

“I’ve fought back from big deficits,” Fink said. “I only have a couple of matches where I haven’t made it close.” 

Holmbeck said that the team has improved so much and is ready for one of their final matches. 

“We’re playing better and better and we want to be playing our best,” Holmbeck said. “I feel like we’re getting to that place we need to be.”

Fink said with the drive of the win in the match, he is hoping that it brings luck to sections.

“Coming off of this win is great momentum. I also feel like having it be a home match will really boost morale for sections,” Fink said.

Halverson said as the season comes to an end he needs to appreciate every little moment. 

“I have to savor every moment, especially because this season is an extremely short season,” Halverson said. “I have to enjoy every little bit of the short season.”

Holmbeck said that over the season there have been many improvements and he’s ready to start the next season strong. 

“Hard work pays off because I think we’ve seen a lot of improvements,” Holmbeck said. “We also have things that we can work on and that I’ve seen, and that I will take away as things that we’ll focus on earlier next season.”

Park will host the section match at 4 p.m. on May 16 against Apple Valley.