Girls’ lacrosse senior night

Class of 2023 honored

Abby Meisler and Hanna Wilsey

To celebrate the seniors’ hard work throughout high school, Parks girls’ lacrosse held senior night May 12. 

The team played its final game against Holy Angels, and won 10-8. Senior Cecelia Meyen said halftime was emotional during senior night.

“(I’m going to miss) being with the girls, it was really emotional during halftime,” Meyen said. “I’m going to really miss that and being with the rest of the seniors.” 

Junior Madeline Anklam said she is going to miss the seniors during next year’s lacrosse season.

“I’m going to miss the positivity they bring to the team,” Anklam said. “I’ve been friends with them for three years so I’m going to miss what they bring. I’m going to miss the camaraderie we have, I’m just really close with all of them.” 

Coach Kate Pearson said she is going to miss what each of the seniors bring to the team.

“Anna in particular is our hype girl and she brings a lot of personality and fun to our team. Cece also brings a lot of personality where she is kind of like a nice, calm demeanor,” Pearson said. “Shaydi is one of our seniors and she’s hurt this year but she has taken on the role of a goalie defensive coach. Maya is just a very consistent player and she has a really good time with everyone.”

Meyen said she is currently helping younger teammates adjust to the team.

“I’m helping some of our newer team members and teammates learn the game and be good at the game, and then tips and tricks on how to be successful,” Meyen said.

Pearson said the seniors have brought the team together and next year they will be missed. 

“They bring our team together,” Pearson said. “They have been with the program for so long and they most definitely will be missed in terms of every day sideline stuff, practice and hanging out with them.”

Senior Anna McCallon defends the ball May 12. Girls’ lacrosse won their senior night game with a 10-8 win against Holy Angels. (Ayelel Meyen)

Girls lacrosse’s next home game is 6:00 p.m. May 25 at the football stadium against Chanhassen.