Picture-perfect pool performance

Synchro puts on an end-of-season show

Eliah Fink and Alex Geretz

Synchronized swimming held a performance May 17 to commemorate the end of the regular season. 

Junior Mae Turman said despite having a swimmer who couldn’t make it, the team persevered and performed well.

“Everyone did really well,” Turman said. “We had one sick senior, so we were one swimmer down, but we all powered through and we all accomplished it. So that’s really the thing to be proud of, is that everyone did it.”

Coach Carolyn Guddal said the show was a good sendoff for the season as synchro transitions into sections. 

“We did a fabulous job,” Guddal said. “The purpose of the show is as a sort of dress rehearsal for sections, and then state, hopefully, next week as well. We are hosting sections this year, so even more so.”

Turman said while the performances were enjoyable, she is simultaneously melancholy as the season comes to a close. 

“It’s always bittersweet at the end, but it’s always fun to show off to parents, friends and family — especially when it’s just for fun and we’re not being judged or anything,” Turman said. “So it’s always a fun thing to do, to perform for everyone, and it’s sad, but it’s mostly a joy.”

Junior Katherine Velez said she is looking forward to potentially going to state this year, and is optimistic about the team’s potential standings. 

“I’m looking forward to seeing everybody swim because they all do an amazing job,” Velez said. “I’m also looking forward to hopefully making it to state, but it’s just great to see everyone do a good job.”

Guddal said the energy of the event allowed the swimmers to lock into their mindset for sections.

“We swim in this pool every day, but it’s a totally different story when our hair’s gelled, we’re in our suit and makeup and headpieces and have an audience,” Guddal said. “Everyone on the team rose to the occasion really well and I’m looking forward to the weekend to see what’s in store.”

Synchro is hosting the next section meet at 9 a.m. May 20 at the St. Louis Park High School Pool.