Boys’ golf clears the rain

Team beats Eden Prairie at Braemar Golf Course


Lex Lee

Junior Landyon Tasto prepares to putt the ball into the hole May 18. Golf had a non-conference meet at Bremer Golf field where they beat Eden Prairie by one stroke.

John Hunter and Scott Schmidt

Despite the rain and poor weather conditions, the team managed to win the match against Eden Prairie on May 18. With the lowest overall team score of the year. Senior Teddy Dahlin said the rain didn’t hurt anyone’s performance as much as one would think.

“The rain doesn’t do much to affect the game besides getting wet,” Dahlin said. “Most of us play pretty similar to how we would usually play on a normal day.” 

Senior Miles Rider said he thinks the rain can actually help improve one’s performance on the course.

“(The rain) helped me for the better,” Rider said. “When it’s perfect weather you just go out there and play, not really thinking about it too much. When it’s not prime conditions, you have no other choice but to just go out there and you give it all you got.” 

Coach Dan Becker said he saw some performance issues throughout the match against Eden Prairie. 

“The rain definitely affected the team’s performance during this match,” Becker said. “Not as much as I thought it would, especially because this is actually the first time we’ve played in the rain this year. We played a lot last year, so I didn’t think they were quite prepared for the rain but turns out they were.” 

Despite the rain, many of the team’s players were able to shoot their lowest score of the season during the match. Rider scored an 82, making it the fourth lowest score. Rider said he was pleased with his score.

I feel really good with how much fun that the team has had and myself have had.

— Dan Becker

“I’m pretty happy with my performance,” Rider said. “I had a little injury coming in at the end but shot the best I’ve shot all year.” 

Dahlin also scored fairly low with an 84, making it the sixth lowest score of the match. Despite the low score, Dahlin said he thinks he could have done better.

“I could learn a lot from how I played today,” Dahlin said. “You can always play better. I was kind of going through a little drought throughout the match, but it was fine.” 

Becker said even though the team played well, they could still use more work on certain aspects of the game, but as long as the team is having fun that’ll make it worth it.

“We can always work on our short game and cutting,” Becker said. “But I think they’re having a lot of fun this year, and to me that’s one of the most important things about this game. I feel really good with how much fun that the team has had and myself have had.” 

Boys’ golf’s next match is at 3:00 p.m. May 26 against multiple schools at Baker National Golf.