Girls and non binary ultimate team takes on Washburn

Ultimate team faces tough loss

Jacob Perszyk and Cole Taylor

After an intense game against Washburn, the girls and non binary ultimate lost 15-5.

Assistant coach Clarie Cech said she thought the heat was affecting the players but they are starting to overcome it.

“We have done a lot of good things in the game,” Cech said. “We can definitely tell the heat might be a little bit of a factor for some of the players but we definitely stepped up our defensive game after the first few points.” 

Senior Keira Trill said she believes that both teams fought very hard despite the heat that the team was experiencing during the match.

“Washburn’s putting up a pretty good fight and it is pretty hot out,” Trill said “So you can definitely tell that both players on both teams are very tired at this point, but both teams worked very hard and did a good job overcoming the heat today” 

Senior Lauren Thon said she thinks that by giving it their all the team can really start to see improvements.

“We can improve our intensity just by going out with 100% for every single point and really trying our hardest on every possession that we have,” Thon said. “We really need to go all out and give everything we have.” 

Cech said she was impressed with the team’s defensive performance in the game. 

“What we’re doing well is starting in really good defensive positioning right off the bat,” Cech said “We’re making sure we’re taking away a lot of the first looks so that the other team has to get a little creative.” 

Trill said she believes that this season the team has really started to get more intense prior to their last season.

“One thing that we’ve done well is we really improved a lot from last year. We’re way more determined this season,” Trill said. “We’re way better at going after the disc and being more assertive, more aggressive — and we’ve got like that intensity that we’ve been building up to all season” 

Thon said she believes that the team could have picked up intensity in the game but overall had a good performance.

“We’re playing at our normal level,” Thon said. “There are some things we could be improving on. But overall, we’re playing pretty good”

This was the final game of the season for the girls and non binary ultimate team.