Boys’ golf finishes strong in sections

Team finishes third in sections



Senior Teddy Dahlin hits his approach shot on the 18th hole at Braemar golf course on June 1. Park placed 3rd in the section after the first tournament day.

Jacob Perszyk and Cole Taylor

Park’s boys’ golf team finished in third place in their section match at sections. Coach Ted Kisner said he was proud of the team’s final score in such a high stakes match.

“The team played great, 296 (+eight) is a fantastic team score for such a high pressure tournament,” Kisner said. “All six players were playing good golf and I am proud of how the match ended up.”

Senior Teddy Dahlin said he is happy that the team stayed calm and didn’t let the weather affect them too much.

“There was a big storm so we had to delay the match for a while, but we pulled through as a team,” Dahlin said. “(We) didn’t let the weather and delays get in our head and affect our game when we finally could play.” 

Sophomore Luke Thompson said the weather delays gave them time to bond as a team. 

“It was good team bonding,” Thompson said. “We were able to sit around a table and talk as a team which we dont ever have time to do, having to wait so long sucked but at least we were able to talk with each other through it.

Coach Ted Kisner said he believes the team took it one step at a time in order to achieve success. 

“The team did a great job of taking it shot by shot,” Kisner said. “Taking advantage of the opportunities that the course and their games presented to them. The team was also great in supporting each other throughout the day, so I believe that is why we ended up successful.”

Sophomore Landon Miller said he believes that they were able to capitalize on the course to help them succeed.

“The course itself was pretty easy so I think that really helped us as a team,” Miller said. “Having a course like that just makes the game so much easier and allows us to perform better.” 

Coach Ted Kisner said he believes there are a couple things they can polish up but they overall had a good performance.

“Hitting a few more fairways and making a few more putts is the goal. The team knows they left a few shots out on the course in round one,” Kisner said.  “For example, hole 10 for a couple on the team that hole has been a season long nemesis. Also, a stronger finish on the last few holes can get us to that next level.”

The second day of sections is June 5 at Braemar Golf Course in Edina.