Hopkins/Park loses to Mound Westonka

Team reflects on 2-5 loss


Rachel Salzer

Freshman Alma Beaton pushes the puck down the rink looking to score during the Dec. 22 game against Mound Westonka. Hopkins/Park lost 2-5.

Sophie Olmen and Rachel Salzer

According to freshman Alma Beaton, the game against Mound Westonka went well, especially in the third period.

“It actually went really good I think it was frustrating but the third period was really good,” Beaton said.

Coach Ryan St. Martin said Hopkins/Park was well matched with its opponent and gradually improved.

“I think the game for us progressively got better and it was a pretty evenly matched, fun game to play in,” St. Martin said.

Hopkins/Park scored two goals in the third period. The team lost to Mound Westonka 2-5 making its overall record 5-8 according to MN Girls’ Hockey Hub.

Sophomore Abby Meyer said overall the game was challenging and the team had many opportunities during the game.

“It was pretty rough I think we had a lot of opportunities we just never got the chance to bury the puck,” Meyer said.

According to St. Martin, the effort given during the game was good, but the lack of shots on goal in the first two periods brought the team more challenges.

“I think overall our effort was there tonight. We just didn’t have enough shots on goal in the first and second period, but we definitely had our share in the third,” St. Martin said. “It was just a big mountain to climb to get back from a couple of goals down.”

Beaton said the team’s determination was strong in the third period.

“I appreciate that we did not give up in the third period even when they were getting those kind of dumb goals,” Beaton said.

St. Martin said the team improved in almost every aspect, during the third period.

“I think the third period differed because we moved the puck well, were unselfish and we also got shots on goal,” St. Martin said, “That just created more of a zone time and a presence with us so we were able to capitalize on a couple.”

According to gopark.org, Hopkins/Park will face Central Wisconsin at 12 p.m. Dec. 27 at Fogerty Arena in Mid-Winter Border Battle.