Nordic team sells coupon books

Fundraiser creates sense of community


Megan Hoenie

Juniors Max Gohman and Benn Katzovitz grab breakfast before going out to fundraise. The Nordic team knocked on neighborhood doors to sell coupon books Nov. 23.

Sofie Geretz

Nordic parent Ann Walsh said the coupon selling fundraiser Nov. 23 was unique because of both the local businesses’ and the community’s involvement.

“What’s really special about the Nordic coupon sale is it’s really mostly local businesses,” Walsh said. “It’s always heartwarming to see the community and their response.” 

According to Nordic captain and senior Maggie Klein, the team spends all day going through neighborhoods and selling their coupon books.

“This is our big fundraiser for the season, we’re selling coupon books. We go to different neighborhoods and split up in groups and start selling,” Klein said. “Typically, when you fundraise on your own, it doesn’t always go as well as (when) the Nordic team has a whole day where we try to fundraise and sell everything we can.”

Nordic skier junior Max Gohman said the fundraiser aids those on the Nordic team with affording the sport’s annual trip, as well as other Nordic costs.

“It will help us raise money for passes and equipment for new skiers, as well as the winter trip that we do every year, which is a lot of fun,” Gohman said. “Everyone goes (on the trip), so we want to make sure everyone can (afford it).”

Klein said she appreciates the ability to get to know Nordic team athletes during the fundraiser she wouldn’t get to know otherwise.

“You get a partner and you just meet someone completely new and you hang out for the whole day. It’s so much fun,” Klein said. “On the fundraiser every year, you get really close with one of (the middle schoolers), so it’s fun to have a really close buddy on the team.”

Walsh said the community significantly helps out with fundraisers such as coupon selling.

“It’s wonderful how the community supports this kind of a fundraiser,” Walsh said. “I can’t say enough nice things about the parents and this community.”

Gohman said selling coupons door to door with another Nordic athlete creates team bonding.

“You’re sort of out there and it’s an awkward situation to have to sell to people door to door, so you sort of inherently make friendships with the people you have to do it with, just because you’re both experiencing that situation together,” Gohman said.

Klein said the fundraiser creates a sense of unity and accountability among the team members.

“We all get a lot closer as a group because we’re all together and we’re all working toward a common goal,” Klein said. “It helps team unity because you all feel accountable for helping the team sell all their books and you also get to hang out with everyone, so you get a lot closer by just talking.”