Nordic team persists in harsh weather

Athletes perform in icy, cold meet


Megan Hoenie

Junior Max Gohman races in the classic meet at Elm Creek Jan. 24. Park boys’ varsity placed third with a score of 242.

Sofie Geretz

Reflecting on a colder than average meet, senior Ella Hammerstrand said the Nordic team persisted and worked hard throughout the race.

“It was super cold and we didn’t even know if we were going to race because it was so cold,” Hammerstrand said. “But everyone went out there and gave it their all and we actually did really well, so I was really proud of them.”

According to junior Max Gohman, the team had to use extra sticky wax for their skis in order to deal with the icy conditions.

“Usually it’s better when it’s more in the 20s and kind of a mid-range area of temperature rather than being really hot or really cold,” Gohman said. “We had to use a special wax called cluster which kind of sucks, but considering the weather, it was pretty good because the wax was put on right.”

Coach Doug Peterson said he was happy the meet worked out, considering the abnormally harsh conditions.

“I think just getting here getting it done. Getting everybody waxed and then just watching the kids ski on a day that’s really quite tricky because of the temperature,” Peterson said.

Hammerstrand said the team put in their all, as this was the last normal meet of the season.

“It’s our last race before Conference, so I think everyone’s trying really hard just to get their best times in its end of the season and everyone’s been working really hard,” Hammerstrand said.

According to Peterson, the athletes on the Nordic team this year are committed and doing well.

“I think the one defining thing is the number of kids that we have on our team that are actually skiing at a pretty high level,” Peterson said. “You know, usually you get just your varsity kids, but we have a large JV and they’ve all just come along.”

Hammerstrand said the team was able to come together on the bus ride to the race, which lifted teammates’ spirits for the last regular meet of the season.

“My favorite part was probably coming here on the bus with everyone. Everyone was being really sweet,” Hammerstrand said. “We were all singing songs together and we were just trying to have the best time because we know it’s our last race together and we pass around this box which (has) little inspirational quotes that was really cute.”

According to Gohman, the Nordic team has a pretty high chance of placing at Conference.

“We’re hoping to do really well at (Conference), I think we have a chance at winning. And then Sections is where it’ll really be driven,” Gohman said. “We might be able to go to State, I don’t know. We’re on the edge. We wouldn’t be able to get first place at Sections, but second place is kind of contested, so we might have a chance.”