Senior swimmers recognized at senior night

Team looks back on swimming careers, looks forward to sections

After a hard-fought senior night win for Park Feb. 8, senior Hiro McKee said he was thrilled with how the meet went and is looking forward to sections.

“The meet went great. Everyone had high energy the entire time. For the seniors it was a little emotional, but as it should be,” McKee said. “We’re all very excited for sections coming up.”

Head coach Amanda Forsberg said she was happy about the seniors performance in their final meet at home, which honored the seniors’ season. 

“I was really proud of the seniors,” Forsberg said. “It was their last night so to go out on a win and to be undefeated in the conference was great to see.”

According to McKee, the main highlight of the meet was the strong connection and bond that the team had. 

“We were all just screaming together, laughing, having a good time and cheering for our teammates,” McKee said. 

Forsberg said the crowd was very lively for the seniors.

“It’s always really festive, we get some more people here and it’s nice to see all the parents (come) and support,” Forsberg said.

All good things come to an end, so knowing that I went out with a bang, I’m really happy.

— Hiro McKee

Swimming in the Park pool for the last time was a nostalgic feeling for senior Zachary Nathan.

“I’ve been swimming on this team for four years,” Nathan said. “Knowing that this would be the last time I’d swim in this pool definitely hit home right about halfway through the meet.” 

The team is training hard this week in peak week, according to Forsberg, and then resting in a taper before sections Feb. 24. The team is focusing on strength and then taking a break before the big competition. 

“We’ll peak a little bit in the next week and then we’ll taper so that everyone is ready to go at the end of the month for sections,” Forsberg said. 

McKee said he’s sad that his swimming career at Park is over, but he’s grateful for the experience. 

“All good things come to an end, so knowing that I went out with a bang, I’m really happy,” McKee said.

Park will face off in sections Jan. 24 at the Art Downey Aquatic Center at South View Middle School.