Park’s rival takes glory

Girl’s basketball loses to Benilde St. Margarets 85-39


Mya Stanberry

Senior Maecee Alexander shoots the ball towards the hoop Jan. 20. Park was defeated.

With every win there’s always a tough loss. Park lost to rival Benilde-St. Margaret Jan. 20. Assistant Coach Kika Greenlee said that the team put in their best effort.

It went okay. They had some really good players and their shooting was amazing. I think it went as well as it could go for what we had,”  Greenlee said. “We had some injuries and battling and equal strengths as we went.” 

According to seventh grader Ellie Frank, learning to keep a positive attitude amidst hard situations is key to a strong team dynamic.

Play hard through it all. We got to work on that as a team because even when we’re losing by a lot, we need to play hard,” Frank said.

According to Greenlee, Even though the team was thrown for a loop, they persevered and kept their heads held high. She said one player that stood out in this game was junior Ruby Massie.

Ruby stepped up and showed some leadership towards the end of the game. We had a bunch of girls out. As far as being the leader on the court, she was definitely the main leader. I think that was showing a good future,” Greenlee said.

Greenlee said the team has strong goals for improving their game and taking back the win. She said they are working on improving the team’s dynamic and focus. 

“We got to get back in shape. We got to lock in on our key points and find how we’re going to do that,” Greenlee said. “We just got to show up hard next time.”

According to Frank, her goal for the next game is preparing a productive and positive mindset despite the team they are playing.

“Just have a better mindset and look into it like it’s any other team, not just a better team or a worse team,” Frank said.

Senior Macee Alexander said she hopes on raising the bar with their scores as the season continues.

“Hopefully, we’ll get our act together and our people back to help us in an effort to get more wins and to make us play better,” Alexander said. “So hopefully, it’ll go up instead of down.”

Parks next game will be at 7 p.m. on Jan. 25  against Shakopee.