Junior creates Instagram account for business

Joe Mcgurgan sells handmade wooden pens


Used with permission from Joe Mcgurgan

Tenzin Gyaldatsang

Why did you decide to make these wooden pens?

I’ve been into woodworking for about three years. I took woodworking I and II in the past two years, so I decided that I would sell stuff and make a business out of it.

How long have you been making wooden pens?

I just started the Instagram (account) about a week ago, and I’ve been making stuff for (my) family for a year or two, and the first pen that I made was during freshman year.

Can you give a brief overview of how you make wooden pens?

You start out with a board, and you cut it down into smaller chunks. Then you drill a hole through the middle and use Epoxy to put in a little metal insert into the pen blank. Then you turn it on a lathe and push in the parts of the pen.

What types of wood do you use to make the pens?

There’s a really big variety, but I use walnut, cedar and zebrawood. I’ve done some pallet wood. So pretty much any type of wood.

What’s your favorite part of making pens?

I really like turning the pens — it’s really fun and relaxing to see the whole project come together.

How much does a pen cost and how many have you sold so far?

I’m selling them for 20 dollars each, and I haven’t sold any so far outside from family, but I’ve made some for friends and as gifts.