Senior gets involved in election

Senior Elie Grassley volunteers for the Biden Campaign


Used with permission from Elie Grassley

Aiden Cullumber

With the recent presidential election, many students got involved politically in various ways. One student, Elie Grassley, took it to the next level. She is a co-chair of Minnesota High Schoolers for Biden. She said her work involved overseeing phone banks.

“If people had questions while they were getting trained on how to do the phone banks, I answered those,” Grassley said. “I was also one of the confirmation captains, so I called people to make sure that they were coming to the phone banks that they signed up for or helped them sign up for other times if they couldn’t make it.”

Athlyn Drage, Grassley’s co-chair, said because of the pandemic phone banking has become a more relevant form of campaigning.

“In the COVID day and age, it’s a lot more technology based and we had to try to split up more tasks and work together more,” Drage said.

With recent events, Grassley said she thought it was especially important that she get involved with the process of the 2020 presidential election.

“I love politics and it was really important with this election,” Grassley said. “With everything that happened recently in Minneapolis with George Floyd, I think it’s important that we get a change in leadership.”

After she graduates Grassley said she hopes to keep working in politics and live in Washington D.C.

“I hopefully will be able to go to school out in Washington D.C. and get internships there or any job that has something to do with politics because I would love to be able to keep helping people in the future,” Grassley said.

Grassley said there are lots of opportunities for students who want to get involved in politics. Even though the presidential election is over, there are local politics and mid-term elections that people can get involved with.

“Phone banking is great, especially since we can’t do a lot of in-person right now. Most people are at home right now, so it’s really great to call people. People can contact me if they would like to be a part of that,” Grassley said.