Review: ‘Before I Fall’ ends with shocking cliffhanger

Ending overshadows rest of film

Review: ‘Before I Fall’ ends with shocking cliffhanger

The surprising end to “Before I Fall” leaves viewers open-mouthed with shock, and makes viewers forget the rest of the movie.

The plot doesn’t have a climax until the end, resulting in no resolution. The lack of any rising action until the last 10 minutes makes most of this movie simply boring.

“Before I Fall” tells the story of Sam, a secondary member of a high school clique. Sam and her friends constantly tease and pick on other girls who are not as “cool” or “hot.” In the movie, Sam relives Valentine’s Day over and over, with the day ending in a blowout party and a heavily foreshadowed death.

The repetitiveness of Sam reliving the same day over and over with very little change to each day leaves the viewer craving a finale. The movie delivers, but it might be too much too late without any answers.

The acting by Zoey Deutch, who plays Sam, is decent but not award-winning due to her boring main character. The supporting characters are a little deeper, but still are very superficial. The character development is weak, and viewers do not learn very much about them beyond the fact that they are rude, self-absorbed and spoiled.

The movie reminds viewers of Twilight, because of the blueish green filter the movie is shot with. The similarities end there. If you were a fan of “Groundhog Day,” you will enjoy “Before I Fall” because of all its similarity, with a more modern twist.

The music from the movie stood out throughout the movie. The soundtrack is very solid, and perfectly complements the movie. Because the movie drags at times, the music stands out and helps to create intensity where the plot drags in entertainment.

The end of the movie overshadows its first 80 minutes, but is satisfying enough to p
rovide an exciting story and experience.

⅗ stars