36 Arts revises agenda

Club planning art show and online gallery


Maddie Lund

Juniors Chava Buchbinder and Ciara Woida review submitted art for the 36 Arts annual magazine. The club plans to expand the magazine into a website by the end of January.

According to junior club member Chava Buchbinder, 36 Arts intends to revise the club’s activities for the future.

“(Right now), we’re trying to figure out plans (moving forward) because we’re actually changing how we’re doing 36 Arts,” Buchbinder said.

Buchbinder said the club spent time this year creating a website for sharing Park students’ submitted art.

“In the past we’ve printed out a magazine every year, but we’ve found that it’s not totally inclusive of the entire year. It’s just at the end of the year and it’s also not very cost-effective,” Buchbinder said. “We’re building a website for the future.”

36 Arts adviser Chris Nordmark said the club aims at increasing accessibility and sustainability by shifting to an online magazine in the coming year.

“It’s not about making money,” Nordmark said, “It’s very cheap to put a website up and we are still able to share art with people, probably more people than (people) who have money to buy a magazine.”

Normark said the club is also making changes to its in-person “art shares”, semesterly presentations of student art hosted by the club.

“(The art share is) a place to either see your classmates art or poems or (other) art, or share yours in a very comfortable environment that’s very supportive,” Nordmark said. “We have done poetry readings and we have done art shares, but (in the future) we are going to combine the two where people can read the poems and then bring in the visual art.”

According to Buchbinder, the club hasn’t hosted an art share this year, but is planning to have one before the end of the year.

“We want to give people an opportunity that if we don’t have a magazine (this year) and if we don’t have the website up by the end of the year, then at least people will get to share their art this year,” Buchbinder said.

According to Nordmark, the club hopes to bring back its energy of years prior.

“We’ve been lying pretty low this year. We’ve had some people graduate that were really involved and then people have been sick and gone for holidays so we haven’t really done this year what we’ve done other years,” Nordmark said. “It’s weird to say it at the end of the year but our hopes are to get (the club) going again.”

According to Nordmark, the club plans on hosting their first art share of the year this coming April, at a currently undetermined date. All students will be welcome to attend and bring their art.