SLP Nutrition partners with Student Council

Store introduces daily sales leading up to Homecoming


Ben Sanford

SLP Nutrition founders Alex Brose and Allyson Oman laugh as they wait for someone to order a drink. According to Oman, SLP Nutrition is a health club with a mission of creating a healthy community.

Gabriel Kaplan and Noah Orloff

Junior Courtney Hanson said she believes SLP Nutrition’s Homecoming sales will help draw in Park students, who can then learn about how to live healthier lives.

“I thought (the sales) were a great idea. I know they’ve done things like that in the past or different fundraisers, and I think it is great they are trying to involve students and the high school since they are so close,” Hanson said. “They can work with the school to teach students about healthy choices versus unhealthy choices and it can really bring a lot of spirit because they are a local business.” 

According to Alex Brose, the store’s co-founder, SLP Nutrition initiated the partnership with Student Council which includes a week of sales in the lead up to Homecoming.

“We just messaged them and asked if they wanted to partner with us since we want to get more into the high school demographic and serve (students) a little bit more,” Brose said. “They said they would definitely be interested.”

Student Council president senior Anna Wert said connecting with a local business was a way for Student Council to promote Homecoming, while helping the institution gain popularity. 

“Pretty much we are really trying to reach out to our community,” Wert said. 

According to Brose, each day of Homecoming week corresponds with a different discount.

“Monday, you got a complementary protein bite snack, Tuesday we had a five dollar donut shot with choice of tea, Wednesday we had happy hour specials on certain hours, Thursday we have a bogo (buy one get one free) with your homecoming date or a friend, and then Friday we have a game day tea special,” Brose said. 

The discounts have successfully brought in new customers without having an impact on store profits, according to Brose.

“(The discounts have) gotten a lot more high schoolers in here, so it’s been awesome,” Brose said. “The miniscule amounts of discounts we give we don’t really notice, so it’s good. Tomorrow’s (buy one get one free) will be the biggest discount of the week.”

Hanson said she strongly supports local, health-focused stores such as SLP Nutrition as she believes they can help build community and provide students with extra support.

“I’ve been going to places like this for years now,” Hanson said. “The people who (are) there are really great and once you get to know them, they will greet you by name and help you out so much.”

The store’s deal with Park Student Council has been noticed by high schoolers from other schools, who are now interested in doing the same.

“A couple of high schoolers were in today and they were actually from a different high school and they wanted to do the same specials,” Brose said. “They are kind of riding on your coattails.”

According to Brose, the final discount will be Sept. 20, though the store is interested in doing similar partnerships in the future.