Local coffee shop temporarily closed

The Nest open again after pipes froze


Abby Prestholdt

The SLP Nest was closed March 5-6 because of frozen pipes from water damage during the winter months. The SLP Nest fixed the problem and are now back open and have recently expanded their hours to Saturdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Amaia Barajas and Jenna Cook

As senior Nietzsche Deuel reflects on the Nest being closed, she recalls how it affected her, as well as other students who enjoy going to the coffee shop after school.

“It affected me as a customer because the Nest was actually closed, it also affected (job training). We had planned to do training on that Wednesday, but we couldn’t because the pipes were frozen and that’s how it affected me as a worker. But now the pipes are cleared up and everything’s running pretty smoothly,” Deuel said.

According to the Nest chairwoman Julia Schmelzer, the coffee shop had to be closed for a few days because the pipes were frozen.

“We had to be closed for three days until we could get the problem resolved, so I think it definitely affected our business because we didn’t have that customer traffic — so not having a place to go for the students after school who usually hung out there,” Schmelzer said

Senior Great Long said the temporary closing of the Nest could have affected students who may like to have a place to study nearby the school.

“The people who use it for their study space knowing its a nice quiet place that they can go and that so convenient — that’s been negatively affected — and now (they) have to look for another place to study,” Long said.

According to Schmelzer, the buildings around the Nest have had this issue before and they were able to solve the problem quickly.

“Our building owner has had that problem happen in the past, so he called some of the people who have helped him in the past get thawed again. It froze under the parking lot because the pipes are not buried deep enough in that whole area, so this happens to a lot of the buildings in the area, not just ours,” Schmelzer said.

Deuel said she would like to remind students that while the Nest was closed temporarily for March 4-6, everything is now up and running.

“The Nest was closed for a few days, but the problem is resolved now, and the Nest is open every day after school,” Deuel said.

Schmelzer says since the Nest is now open on Saturdays there have been more customers on the weekend.

“We definitely see less traffic when the weather’s bad than when it’s nice out. We see more traffic now that we’re open Saturdays — there’s several people from the neighborhood who would walk over,” Schmelzer said.