ACT club hosts voter registration drive

Students register to vote before election


Isra Mohamed

Senior and ACT club leader Ruby Stillman talks about the voting drive to students at the senior meeting. The voting drive was held Feb. 20.

Isra Mohamed

According to junior Achieving Change Together club leader Gabriel Kaplan, the purpose of the club is get students involved in social activism.

“The purpose of the club is to work on social activism. There is only so much we can do legally but we try to do the best that we could,” Kaplan said.

The Achieving Change Together (ACT) club promoted their voter registration drive at the senior assembly Feb. 20 to make the process of 

getting people to vote easier, according to Kaplan.

“This year, we decided that it would be better to do a quick presentation at the senior assembly. We also had a voter registration stand at the lunch room,” Kaplan said.

According to Kaplan, the club contacted students and encouraged them to register to vote by providing a smooth process.

“We reached out to students that were going to be old enough to register and asking them if they wanted to sign up to vote,” Kaplan said. “The actual process is really simple, it’s just a page long form where people put in their basic information and that’s it.”

According to senior Will Pinney, his experience was very easy when he was registering to vote.

“The process took me a total of about ten minutes,” Pinney said. “It wasn’t hard at all and it was really quick and easy.”

According to Kaplan, his goal is to get everyone who is able to vote to register, as Minnesota is one President Trump’s largest target’s for trying to gain support.

“It’s important that everyone votes, whether they are a Democrat or Republican, because for the first time in awhile, our state could be considered a swing state which means that your vote actually does matter,” Kaplan said. “My hope for the ACT club is to get everyone registered to vote in the high school who will be 18 by November 3rd.”