Nest hosts open mic night

SnoDaze week activities continue


Ben Sanford

Senior and Student Council president Anna Wert speaks to the crowd at the Nest’s open-mic event Feb. 20. The program aimed to give students the opportunity to show off their talents and participate in SnoDaze festivities.

Talia Lissauer and Gabriel Kaplan

Marketing intern for the Nest and junior Rachel Stein said she enjoyed seeing new people visiting the Nest at the store’s open mic night.

“It was super fun to see a lot of people from my community coming to the Nest,” Stein said. “It was really fun to see people coming in and learning about (the Nest) and purchasing drinks from the Nest. It was really fun to see what they want to see from the Nest in the future.”

Student Council hoped the event Feb. 20 would involve new students in the Sno Daze festivities, according to student council adviser Sarah Lindenberg.

“It was open mic night at the Nest,” Lindenberg said. “It’s always fun to have an event that caters to different crowds at the high school. It was fun to see some students showcase their talents.”

According to Lindenberg, open mic night replaced the battle of the bands — a pump-up event hosted in the past — to include a wider variety of performances.

“We used to do battle of the bands but there doesn’t seem to be as many school formed bands anymore,” Lindenberg said. “This year we had one performer, a poet and a comedy routine. It’s nice to have a variety of options for many different types of creative students to perform.”

Stein said she is hopeful the Nest will continue to pair with Student Council for upcoming events.

“We did this event last year with Student Council as well and when I was helping them set up we talked about having future events with them as well,” Stein said. “I’m excited for more and more people to come into the Nest for whatever reason they choose to experience all the opportunities that the Nest provides.”