Student Council hosts ice skating

Event aims to engage with students as part of Sno Daze festivities


Ava Ashby

Junior Brynn Langaard ice skates at Oak Hill Park during the Snodaze sledding and skating event. The Snodaze dance will take place Feb 22 at the SLP High School’s Activity Center.

Talia Lissauer and Gabriel Kaplan

Sophomore Sylvia Leppik said she enjoyed the Sno Daze ice skating event as it enabled her to skate freely.

“I really like skating and today there is free skating. It was kind of nice to have the rink almost to myself,” Leppik said.

According to Student Council adviser Sarah Lindenberg, the ice skating program Feb. 21 aimed to let students enjoy themselves and the wintery weather.

“It is a pretty laid back, fun event for a Friday night in the middle of the winter just to get outside,” Lindenberg said. “All the other events are indoor activities, so it’s fun to have something that is outdoors. We just added it last year and the students that came really had a fun time.”

Freshman Elise Hatlestad said she decided to come to the event and enjoy the skating with her friends.

“I am here because I was invited by my friends and I decided to have fun skating on the rink,” Hatlestad said.

Lindenberg said Student Council purposefully planned a variety of different Sno Daze programs in order to make the activities more inclusive.

“I like the variety of activities that have started to become a part of SnoDaze,” Lindenberg said. “With a couple of sports-related events, but then also some more creative coffee house style open mic and then low-pressure activities like skating and then the dance will be enjoyable for everybody.”

According to Lindenberg, Friday evening’s program struggled with attendance.

“We are trying to get more students to come next year,” Lindenberg said. “We bought some toboggans and sleds for people to borrow because last year there were people who came but didn’t have sleds and so they borrowed parks and rec’s sleds.”

Hatlestad said she would have enjoyed the activity more if the attendance had been higher, but she still had a good time.

“(Skating) was fun,” Hatlestad said. “But I think we should have more people come.”